DGB      Our horses (breeding for dressage) 

Our breeding goal is a horse for dressage with an excellent performance, beautiful body, athletic and powerful and the will to work.

We have been occupied with horses from our childhood. In 1997 we decided to focus on breeding. We bought two mares with very interesting and well performing ancestors (Kristy and Sarina).
From both mares we selected progeny to make the next step in our breeding. In 2010 we bought a foal from a good blood line, totally different from ours, just to widen our genetic base.
All of our foals get as suffix Ohé, which is an abbreviation of 'Op Het Eekt', the name of our stable.

Both our original broodmares Kristy and Sarina have left our farm, but their genetic influence is continued in their offspring Amuel and Froane. Kristy became, based on her progeny, ´preferent´ and ´prestatie´, meaning that her offspring scores well on both linear score (Senna, Vladimir, Amber and Beau Regard), and results in the dressage competition (Vladimir and Werner).

Sarina's daughter Amuel (father Olivi) brought the highlight in our breeders career: an approved stallion in the Westfalian herd book, named 'Van Vivaldi'. The original name of this stallion was however Filox Ohé and you will find information of this horse in the tab ´Amuel´.  Filox Ohe was vice-champion on the stallion selection in 2012 in Westphalia. Dressurstall Rothenberger is the owner and he will be in breeding service in Germany.

For more information see the tabs with the names of our broodmares. On this moment only Froane and Furona are on our farm. These promising young mares are our hope for the future and will be mated this year and also will be inspected by the KWPN. Kristy, Sarina, Amber en Amuel are sold but are still important links in the breeding of our farm Op ´t Eekt.

The english version or our website is still under construction. So, do come back in the near future if the information in Dutch is not understood so well.

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